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Company Profile

       ENERGY INTELLIGENT, the team includes excellent management and technical R&D personnel from Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other famous universities and semiconductor equipment industry. The team hopes to combine the leading intelligent interaction technology and innovative company operation experience with excellent talents and broad market in China to build a first-class industry and customer satisfaction Intelligent equipment and remote maintenance system solutions company.


       Since its establishment, Energy, as a high-tech innovative company, has focused on serving the micro-assembly fields such as communication modules, power modules, sensor modules, camera modules, etc., providing users with more flexible, stable, accurate and cost-effective intelligent equipment. Energy 's core strengths include multi-axis drive control system technology, sub-pixel level image algorithm technology, precision optical design technology, PC-base real-time software technology, precision mechanical design and system engineering technology.


       Under the guidance of this concept, we have successfully developed eight series of products, H\C\S\M\T\EX\WB\A, and entered the production line of first-line users. . The company has developed into a semiconductor equipment supplier for industry leaders such as Hikvision, China Resources Microelectronics, Sino-xtron, Minpac, and Optotec.

Corporate Vision

To be an expert in advanced packaging solutions for semiconductors

Corporate Mission

Build long-term trust and cooperation with customers

The quality of products and services customers receive must be first-class. To do a series of initiatives such as "annual target, implementation plan, process follow-up and year-end summary", and to make plans for customers from the perspective of their interests in order to win their trust and achieve long-term win-win cooperation.

Provide excellent development platform for employees

Employees are the main force of enterprise development, and we always take the mobilization of all employees' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity as the important basis of all work. Through positive incentives to promote the team to focus on business management goals and corporate culture shaping, to provide employees with a larger development platform, more learning opportunities and better working conditions.

Co-creation of long-term value and sharing of development results

Co-creation is the material guarantee of sharing, and sharing is the value premise of co-creation. The ultimate goal of Energy is "sharing results", which is the motivation for team development and the starting point for achieving the long-term strategic goals of the company. The happiness of partners and employees will be enhanced and their sense of achievement will be maintained in the "sharing of results".

Corporate slogan

Touching intelligence, exploring the future  |   We Are Energy

Corporate core values

Gratitude and Virtue

“The crow has the righteousness to feed back, and the sheep has the grace of kneeling and breastfeeding. "We are grateful to create more wealth for the company, family and society, and let the wealth take on more social responsibility and morality.

The sea contains rivers.

Internally, Energy develops an effective fault tolerance mechanism; externally, Energy gathers resources widely, continuously improves the management mechanism, and creates the R&D and production of higher intelligent packaging and testing equipment.

Establishing the foundation.

Give full trust in the process of talent appointment and deployment; continue to precipitate the core technology of semiconductor equipment, and provide good supporting services for the independent semiconductor industry.

Research and development.

Continuously learn, concentrate on research, think hard, and strive for perfection in technology exploration and product development. It provides the possibility of import substitution of domestic equipment.

Make the wise and capable.

Allow employees to flow freely within the enterprise and rotate across departments; train more excellent managers and experts through the construction of management reserve team.

Enterprise spirit

Customer priority

Put the interests of customers, what they think and worry about, put the company's philosophy and business plan first. Take "customer satisfaction" as the criterion, care about customers, and take the real needs and interests of customers as the starting point of work. Product design, operation process combing and other processes all focus on customer value, starting from the subtle, and establishing customer empathy.

Collaborative innovation

Collaborative communication is the main driving force for innovation. Only when everyone's strength is gathered, a company can have the ability to innovate. Do not sit on the well to watch the sky, do not feel good about yourself; constantly improve the competitiveness of products in terms of technical content and industry service quality.


Mobilizing the initiative and enthusiasm of employees is the driving force behind the development of an enterprise. Maintain a good mental state, face difficulties with a positive attitude, take the initiative to solve problems, hold positive beliefs, fully tap potentials, and create value.

Simple and efficient

Time is life. No second is wasted. What can be done in one minute will never take one and a half minutes.

Rigorous and realistic

With a rigorous and serious attitude, seek the truth of the basic laws of things, ensure that the methods of solving problems are innovative, always maintain the spirit of innovation and enterprising, and truly do better and more effective work.

Keep improving

Make the refinement in place, completely change the sloppy and sloppy phenomenon, form the pursuit of refinement, continuous improvement, and strive for perfect work habits and work style.