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The underlying technology

1、Drive technology

Distributed real-time bus technology, high-performance motor drive technology, high-performance multi-axis motion control technology


2、Image algorithm technology

sub-pixel high-speed, precise algorithm, high-speed image stitching, artificial intelligence, multi-core computing, parallel computing, heterogeneous computing


3、Precision optical technology

high-speed, high signal-to-noise ratio imaging, precision lighting optical design technology, precision imaging lens design technology, digital optical technology


4、Software technology

PC-base real-time software technology, precision measurement and calibration technology, software modules integrating a large number of industry experience


5、Precision machinery technology

Precision machinery design technology, high-speed machinery design technology, vibration analysis and suppression technology, dynamic and static mechanics, thermal finite element analysis technology, electromechanical co-simulation and analysis technology


6、System technology

system engineering technology, multi-disciplinary deep integration technology

Optics and machine vision technology

       Enaki's most advanced image processing and artificial intelligence and other core technologies are applied to high-end semiconductor automatic optical inspection equipment: At the same time, combined with the successful experience of semiconductor inspection technology, an independent machine vision modular product is formed to serve a broader industrial automation field.



Vision: There are very few domestically owned, efficient and accurate machine vision and sad library libraries with independent intellectual property rights;

Cluster: a heterogeneous computing platform with powerful computing capabilities that performs computing and cooperative processors;

Optic: Combining leading digital image processing technology with advanced optical component technology;

Mind: It combines the most advanced deep learning and precision optical inspection technology.

Drive and control technology

       The drive and control system independently developed by Energy is used in semiconductor packaging and testing equipment with a large number of motors, high control accuracy and high-speed requirements. The system has very high-power density and integration, which solves the problems of traditional systems such as large size, low response speed, and poor synchronization accuracy. It is the core technology of semiconductor packaging and testing equipment.



       The Energy drive control system realizes the standardized design of the whole electrical control system and host software, which greatly shortens the development cycle, reduces design risks, reduces hardware differences between products, and facilitates mass production.