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Congratulations! Energy intelligent technology won the 14th Wuxi Patent Gold Medal!

2023,to be better~                   ENERGY Intelligent Technology Wuxi Co., LTD. "A multi-function mount machine" won the patent gold award.         ENERGY INTELLIGENT                As a national high-tech enterprise and a special small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu Province, ENERGY focuses on serving the communication module, power module, sensor module, camera module and other advanced packaging fields, to provide users with more flexible, more stable, more accurate, more cost-effective intelligent equipment.            In recent years, ENERGY has set its sights on IGBT chip mounting equipment that is not more than 5% domestically produced.The patent of "A multifunctional patch machine", which won the patent gold award, has broken through the technical bottleneck of IGBT chip mounting equipment by virtue of high-precision and high-response force control technology, high-speed and high-precision ggate double-drive cross synchronization control technology, high-precision calibration technology based on differential mode concept, multi-solder head pickup and automatic online technology for system-level packagingAnd it has passed the technical verification of many IGBT module head enterprises, such as BYD Semiconductor, StarPower Semiconductor, SMIC International, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics ,Macmic Science & Technology, Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology, Jilin Sino-Microelectronics, MiSiliconn SemiConductor Technologies.           Over the years, ENERGY always adhere to pragmatic innovation, actively promote the transformation of invention achievements landing, highly recognized by users. In the future,ENERGY will continue to firmly implement the two-wing strategy of "quality + innovation", resolutely break through the core technology, continue to pay attention to the combination of technology and industry, and inject inexhaustible momentum for innovative and sustainable development.