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Wuxi, the "first-tier city" of semiconductor world!

Wuxi, the "first-tier city" of semiconductor world!

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One hundred billion output value is only a phase acceptance, Wuxi's future, more exciting.

Wuxi, the "first-tier city" of semiconductor world!

[Summary]One hundred billion output value is only a phase acceptance, Wuxi's future, more exciting.

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Besides North, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Wuxi should be one of the cities where most semiconductor people clock in regularly.


Located in East China and the south of Jiangsu Province, Wuxi has been known as the "land of fish and rice" since ancient times. As the cradle of China's national industry and township industry, as well as the birthplace of the Southern Jiangsu model, Wuxi is also a semiconductor highland that cannot be ignored in China, and is also known as the "Whampoa Military Academy" for Chinese IC industry talents.


According to the "2021 Chinese Mainland City IC Competitiveness Ranking List" released by the SMIC Institute, Wuxi surpassed Shenzhen in terms of the comprehensive competitiveness of the chip industry, second only to Shanghai and Beijing.


A city with core-making genes


The rise of Wuxi semiconductor industry is not possible without the historical accumulation of more than 50 years.In the early 1970 s, the state planning commission approved the revolutionary committee of jiangsu province and four machine department "fixed-point report", agree to expansion, using 742 factory establish a professional factory specializing in the production of integrated circuit TV and MOS with bipolar integrated circuit manufacture factory, production of color TV linear integrated circuit 11 varieties, an annual production capacity of 26 million pieces.


With the strong support of Wuxi municipal government, the 742 factory located in Wuxi built a professional chemical factory with the most complete manufacturing procedure, the largest production capacity and the most complete industrial chain at that time, covering the beginning of silicon crystal drawing, To integrated circuit design, manufacturing, sealing test, mask manufacturing, physical and chemical analysis, reliability test and some special equipment, some high purity gas and some special materials manufacturing complete industrial chain.


In 1987, the 742 plant achieved the annual output of 30.3 million pieces of integrated circuits, and finally broke through the design capacity, and in the following years to maintain a high growth of the annual output. In China at that time, the status of 742 factory is higher than BAT factory today.


And by the 742 factory derived China crystal, is the history of Wuxi industry in the thick and heavy color.In February 1989, after the "Eighth Five-Year Integrated Circuit Development Strategy Seminar" was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, 742 Factory and Wuxi branch of Yongchuan Semiconductor Research Institute merged into China Huajing Electronics Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Huajing"). Four years later, China's Huajing produced China's first 256K DRAM, seven years later than Korea's, but breaking the Chinese record of zero.


In the 1990s, Huajing took the lead in building a 12-thousan-a-month, 6-inch chip production line in China, becoming the "Southern base" of the country's microelectronics industry and the "Whampoa Military Academy" for training integrated circuit talents. It is no exaggeration to say that "Huajing people" can be seen in SMIC, Huahong Hongli, Huali Micro electronics, JC Technology, Tongfu Micro electronics, Silicon Valley and other famous semiconductor companies and even relevant government departments.



The thrill of the business world is that no piece of the pie belongs to anyone forever, and neither does brilliance.After 1995, with the successive completion and acceptance of the three technical improvement projects and the sharp decline in the price of electronic components, Huajing suffered serious losses in its operation.


At this time, Chen Zhengyu, a chip veteran from Taiwan, took the initiative to negotiate with Huajing, hoping to rent Huajing's equipment and production line. In 1999, Dr. Chen Zhengyu and China HuaJING established Wuxi HuaJING Shanghua Semiconductor Co., LTD in WUXI.


In order to turn around the company, Chen Zhengyu hired the most influential figure in the history of Chinese semiconductor, the godfather of Chinese semiconductor "Zhang Rujing". It quickly turned a profit and became the first "pure wafer foundry" in mainland China.


During this period, Wuxi established the first microelectronics industrial park in China, which successively attracted a large number of international top level integrated circuit wafer manufacturing, sealing and testing enterprises and industrial parks represented by SK Hynix, Infineon and Toshiba Semiconductor.


In 2002, Hong Kong's China Resources Group officially announced the completion of the acquisition of Hua Jing, which evolved into today's China Resources Microelectronics. Today, China Resources Microelectronics has become the only semiconductor enterprise in China with IDM mode as its main operation.


From the original 742 factory to Huajing Group and now China Resources Microelectronics, the semiconductor industry map of Wuxi has been gradually drawn and formed in the process of corporate history evolution. "Early start, good foundation, rich background", a few figures seem to be the best summary of the development of Wuxi chip industry.


"Little Shanghai" Wuxi, packaging, manufacturing expertise


In the main link of semiconductor industry chain, packaging is an important link in the semiconductor production process, and it is also the link with the smallest gap between China and the world in the semiconductor industry. The Chinese chip closed test can occupy a place in the global map, without Wuxi's quiet work.


It can be said that Wuxi packaging industry, prop up the backbone of China semiconductor industry. Last year, the scale of Wuxi integrated circuit industry ranked second in China, among which the packaging test and supporting support ranked first in China.


In terms of wafer foundry, Wuxi is a pioneer in China. It used to be the largest 12-inch memory chip manufacturing and 6-inch wafer foundry base in China, accounting for 70% of the national market share.


In recent years, with the large-scale manufacturing, sealing and testing leading projects in Wuxi, Wuxi has gradually formed a whole industrial chain covering design, manufacturing, sealing and testing, equipment, materials and supporting support, etc. Looking at the whole country, Wuxi is the city with the most complete integrated circuit industry chain except Shanghai.


There is also a group of strong data -- in 2021, the revenue of Wuxi integrated circuit industry is expected to exceed 170 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 27%, and the five-year average annual growth rate of 17.5%. The industrial scale of Wuxi is second only to Shanghai, ranking the second in China and the first in Jiangsu.


Checking the leak fills the gap, strengthens the industrial chain


Gold has no color, white bi has a slight defect. Even if Wuxi has a relatively complete semiconductor industry chain, there will be strong and weak differences.In recent years, strengthening the industrial chain has been the target of Wuxi. In many industries, Wuxi is the first to target many Wuxi chip pain - chip design.Data show that Wuxi has sales of more than 100 million IC design enterprises more than 10, the total sales of more than 2 billion yuan, accounting for the city's integrated circuit design industry sales of 29.6%, far lower than the national proportion of 91%. In terms of output value, although the per capita output value of Wuxi integrated circuit design enterprises is very high, there is still a big gap with the leading domestic design enterprises."The concentration of IC design industry is not high enough, the industry is scattered, and the chip products with brand effect are not prominent." "Said one semiconductor veteran.


After the cure, the situation of Wuxi chip design industry has obviously changed. At present, the advanced IC design enterprises in Wuxi can develop and design 10-28 nanometer products, and have successfully developed high-end products represented by intelligent memory chips, satellite navigation, MEMS sensor chips, etc., which strongly drives the R&D and innovation capability of Wuxi IC design field.


Also as one of the short boards of Wuxi IC industry chain, IC key equipment has developed rapidly in recent years.The MAIN PRODUCTS OF WUXI INTEGRATED CIRCUIT EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES include wafer cleaning machine, wafer thinning machine, wafer loading machine, sorting machine, marking machine, ribbon knitting machine, laser direct writing lithography machine, tester and so on. At present, Wuxi integrated circuit supporting enterprises 40, which have a certain scale of enterprises are: Enaki intelligent technology, Jiangyin Kangqiang Electronics, etc.


Energy Intelligent Technology Wuxi Co., LTD


Jiangsu high-tech enterprise, WUXI High Quality Development Contribution Award advanced collective, China semiconductor most development potential closed test equipment enterprise.



Since its establishment in 2016, Enaki has focused on the micro-assembly fields of communication module, power module, sensor module, camera module and so on. The team hopes to combine the leading intelligent interaction technology and operation experience of innovative companies with the excellent talents and broad market in China. To build an industry first-class, customer satisfaction intelligent equipment and remote maintenance system solutions company.


At present, it has successfully developed eight series of products, and entered the first-line user production line, and become the semiconductor equipment supplier of BYD Semiconductor, China Resources Microelectronics, Zhongji Xuechuang, Star Semiconductor, Light Fast Technology and other industry leaders.


It is believed that Wuxi will again usher in the golden period of chip industry development in the process of constantly replenishing the short board.This is Wuxi, with an incomparable first-mover advantage, but as always, low-key and down-to-earth. Now, this seemingly insignificant prefecture has single-handedly moved from the margins to center stage.


After heaven into the scene, everything in the world is difficult. In the history of semiconductor development in China, Wuxi has fought hard, been brilliant, but also experienced trough. Now, with profound industrial accumulation, Wuxi has set sail again with a solid "family foundation", and its strength is no less than that of the previous year, comparable to first-tier cities. One hundred billion output value is only a phase acceptance, Wuxi's future, more exciting.



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