A18 intelligent appearance inspection equipment

A18 A18 A18


Mainly detect the chip on the Wafer
Optional when performing chip appearance inspection
Autofocus\pickup force control function and chip sorting

A18 Plus

Mainly to detect the chip after mounting and wire bonding
Equipped with automatic loading and unloading module
High detection accuracy\fast speed\stable detection ability

 A18 Pro  

Line scan vision system

Mainly detect 4 inches \ 6 inches
 8-inch glass sheet\IR sheet\silicon wafer



Product Parameter



Model A18 A18Plus A18Pro Remarks
Maximum detection accuracy 3um 2um 0.25um The minimum chip size of A18 and a18plus is 0.2mm * 0.2mm
CCD configuration quantity cameras*2 (one for front detection and one for back detection) Up to four cameras are supported  line scan camera*1 It can be selected according to the test requirements
Lens configuration 1X 2X 4X 10X 1X 2X 4X 10X 1X 2X 4X The lens with different magnification can be selected according to the product size and detection accuracy
Misjudgment rate / missed judgment rate Misjudgment rate: 2%, missed judgment rate: 0.5% - 1% Misjudgment rate: 1%, missed judgment rate: 0.1% - 0.5% Misjudgment rate: 1%, missed judgment rate: 0.1% - 0.5% Specific indicators are related to  customer product consistency
Chip size 1X---8.4 X7.5 mm
2X---4.2 X 3.25 mm
4X---2 X 1.5 mm
10X---0.9 X 0.7 mm
1X---16.5 X 22.5 mm
2X---8.25 X 7.5 mm
4X---4 X 3.5 mm
10X---1.25 X 1 mm
4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch glass, IR, silicon Lens can be selected according to chip size
Size, weigh 1200X1000X1800mm(650KG) 1400X1000X1700mm(1000KG) 1600*1200*1550 /
Product switching time (new process) 20min 15min 30min /
Production capacity(UPH) UPH>6K/hr UPH>12K/hr

6 inch (pattern) 25wph  

8 inch(pattern) 15wph

no pattern)50wph

If the auto focus function is selected, the UPH will decrease
Detection function Wafer appearance defect detection: dirt, scratch, defect, fracture, edge collapse, etc It mainly focuses on the appearance detection of MEMS chip, such as missing gold wire, wrong gold wire, glue amount detection, abnormal diaphragm detection, solder paste detection, edge chipping detection, surface dirt detection, surface damage detection, etc Chip appearance defect detection:
Surface dirt, cracks, scratches, etc
Brief introduction of detection principle: high resolution color industrial camera, specific light source and lens are used to reflect chip surface defects on different channel images, and then image processing (image denoising, segmentation, image enhancement, image gray morphology, calibration, data statistics, geometry, rigid body transformation, high-precision matching, image comparison, image mosaic) is used to extract defects, Finally, the defect size is quantified by geometric fitting.
Note: the customer should provide the relevant information about the detection specifications and defect types of different detection areas, as well as the corresponding samples. The specific detection accuracy is affected by the product consistency.