Win by quality, standard and reliable


Quality System

       Energy has established a comprehensive quality and reliability assurance and control system, and fully implements quality management through the establishment of a quality management committee. Based on the management system, with the quality policy of "treating with sincerity, winning with wisdom, and striving for excellence" as the criterion, and the corporate culture of "customer first, proactive, rigorous and realistic, collaborative innovation, simplicity and efficiency, and excellence" as the criterion. Guidance, under the effective management and control of the Quality Management Committee, effectively improve corporate quality management practices, thereby effectively guaranteeing product quality.


       Constructed through business process management (BPM), combined with precision assembly manufacturing center, high-cleanliness debugging center, and diversified experimental platform with analysis equipment such as laser interferometer, two-dimensional measuring instrument, three-coordinate measuring instrument, electrostatic tester, high-speed camera, etc. The application of high-precision measurement, electrostatic testing, motion track analysis, stress analysis and inspection of products and their components, to ensure that each link of project development, supply management, lean assembly, equipment debugging, and service training can effectively achieve the quality system Continuous optimization to ensure product reliability in an all-round way.